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    Just ordered an Archos 80 G9 from Staples, for $125.

    Its got a dual core 1Ghz TI processor, Android 3.2/4.0x, and 512Mb RAM (and 8GB Memory).

    So the specs arent as top notch as the TP, but its got a SD card slot, USB slot, and HDMI out (and a kickstand built-in).

    Havent received it yet, but will be interesting to compare it side by side, with my TP running CM9.

    FYI. (Might want to grab one from Staples, if you werent able to get the TP during the Firesale).
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    i got a 56quid ICOO chineese knockoff ICS/4.0.3, 7" tablet (basically a supersized phone) and tbh, it does everything my touchpad could do with CM9 (one i have has no bluetooth however), great the resolutions only pre3 sized, but yeah its got miniSD which ive slapped 16gb into.

    Considering all i used CM9 for was netflix and some games its no big change as the knockoff manages exactly the same anyways, also got a cheapo lets pretend leather sleeve/holder with built in usb keyboard for 7quid, and handily enough my pre3 usb charger keeps the device topped up amazingly well.

    sometimes cheap works.

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