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    The web is buzzing that Nokia is developing a new 10'' tablet. They have a good track record with reliable hardware and this time they even go differentiating from iPad as the buzzes go. Likely it will come with Windows 8 OS.
    Wouldn't it be great to run webOS on it though? Who gives Nokia a call? Or will this be the ideal device to port open webOS to? Maybe they'll give away some developer devices
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    Window 8 tablet from Nokia surely interesting, but I doubt the price will right (acceptable).
    So far I found Nokia Windows 8 phone price still too expensive compared to Samsung Android phone.
    And I bet Nokia will failed again to reclaim its throne from samsung as a phone market leader.
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    I think success mostly depends on windows operating system. If it remains compatible with other devices and operating systems, I am sure the new gadget will give tough time to its competitors. As far as Nokia is concerned, we all know they develop very good hardware.

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