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    Microsoft Windows on ARM Details

    pretty interesting read.
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    I got the Windows 8 Consumer Preview loaded on an old Dell Latitude 2100. It can't run any of the Metro style apps including the Windows Store unless I attach an external monitor; with works will.

    I like the look and feel of Windows 8. When Windows 8 is released, it is going on my primary computer. I'm 95% sure that my next tablet will be a WOA tablet; and I'm 85% sure that my next phone will be a Windows Phone when my contract is up in 2013 (it will all depend on the type of Metro style apps available).

    My current Tablet is the orginial Verizon 7" Galaxy Tab and my current phone is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

    I'm hoping for a Verizon 4G 7.7" - 8.9" WOA tablet made by Samsung.

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