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    The HP TouchPad requires its own high-current charger to recharge its battery. If you try to use the similar-looking but lower current Pre charger, the TouchPad charges very slowly or not at all. Unlike the Pre phones, the TouchPad also charges slowly from a PC's USB port.

    Question: Do other pads (iPad and others) require special chargers? Or will they charge fully from USB ports and cellphone chargers?
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    The iPad definitely had a different charger than the iPhone.

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    The TouchPad requires the Data lines to be bridged and set to ~ 2.7V with a potential divider comprising of a 240K pull-up and 300K pull-down resistor.

    The Apple iPad Chargers have separate potential dividers putting 2.7V on the D- and 2.4V on the D+ lines. The impedances are much lower, being of the order of 51K.

    The iPhone will charge from an iPad Charger but the iPad will not charge from an iPhone Charger.

    The "generic" spec says that if the Data lines are bridged, then the appliance can draw up to 5Amps from the Charger. This is more than most chargers are capable of providing so be careful when connectiing your 'phone or 'Pad to an unapproved Charger.

    There is more information available on these threads so post there if you need more detail:

    Mains Chargers:

    Car Chargers:

    Hope that helps....
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    I believe you meant to type 5 WATTS, not AMPS. (or alternately 1 Amp, or 1000mA).
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    Quote Originally Posted by siobhanellis View Post
    The iPad definitely had a different charger than the iPhone.
    The iPhone4 charger works with the iPad2, but my iPhone 3G charger -- which I keep at work -- does not. (However it did with my iPad1, and does with my iPhone4).

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