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    Research in Motion Ltd. said it would take a $485 million, mostly noncash charge in its fiscal third quarter, after marking down the value of its large inventory of PlayBook tablets. The company also lowered its projection for earnings and revenue for the rest of the year, and warned of falling BlackBerry shipments in the current quarter.
    RIM to Take $485 Million Charge Related to PlayBook Tablet -

    This is starting to remind me of an old joke -

    Man 1:Do you know how to make a small fortune in the tablet market?

    Man 2: No, how do you make a small fortune in the tablet market?

    Man 1: Start with a large one....

    The wider context to this is that it's got to make HP more skittish about throwing even more money into the big pit out of the back called WebOS.
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    RIM only 'mobile phone' company which now start making tablet as companion for their mobile phone products. They will die trying to commit with their PlayBook. While HP is PC & Printer base company, big from making & selling hardware not OS. Without OS.. HP still can do business with partners, ie: Microsoft. If RIM gave up on PlayBook, while their phone market share already 'eaten' by Android, how they survived?
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    Do we need RIM to survive?

    They went from being Research In Motion to Research In Slow Motion.

    (The S is slient)
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    I agree that in Tablets it is very hard. They need commitment and they have to understand that they won't be generating good ol' bucks from the first years.

    However, in smartphones, the discussion is different. To be honest, all they need is few popular applications to be ported to webOS, and they are set. Let's be honest, people can tolerate few applications, but they are looking at the most popular applications that does not exist currently in webOS. HP has to set some programs to lure the developers into this ...

    Either cases, HP has to shell some dangs to continue, but I see the smartphone section is way brighter.
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    If they are truly serious, one would think they would just pay the developers to develop the most crucial apps. Or would the developers still balk at having to provide support for the platform with so few users?

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