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    RIM & Playbook makes numero uno Top Tech Turkeys of 2011 on ARStechnica

    Somehow they beat out the Touchpad, which is a clear mistake. The Touchpad and webos is probably the top Turkey this decade, but the Playbook definitely belongs up in there.
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    Oh Oh

    Best Buy cancels PlayBook orders, yanks listings

    Are we close to a catastrophic melt down?
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    So I have an order through ShopBlackberry for a 16gb Playbook, however, there are also a few used 32gb Playbooks on Craigslist for $200. I'm stuck deciding between picking up the playbook or the touchpad. The size difference doesn't really sway me either way. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. So I'd like opinions with disregard to the size of the tablet.

    My uses for a tablet are word processing, reading PDF textbooks, as an ereader and comic reader (CBR), and video playback (online or through avi/xvid files on the tablet). One of my most important uses is Cramster, but as it is flash based, it is available on both, or atleast should be. I plan to pick up a bluetooth keyboard at some point, but I imagine any would work with both, though I could be wrong.

    With the uses I'm looking for, which would be better? I understand this is a Touchpad forum so opinions will be biased, but any help would be appreciated.

    I'm leaning towards keeping the Playbook, but I don't know as much about it as you guys so I'm not sure if it'd be better for my needs.
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    Touchpad w/CM7 Android and webOS dual-boot on the same device. Case closed.

    If you decide to install Android on the Touchpad, catch up with us over here: and still get all the webOS help you could ever want here at PreCentral.
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    imho comes down to form factor as both tabs meet your needs and are about the same price. 10" touchpad is perfect size without sacrificing too much portability. Playbook is perfect size for portability without sacrificing too much screen real estate.
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    Get the touchpad - dual-boot with android and you have two tablets for the price of one.
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    No native messaging, contacts, or email app on the Playbook. This by itself gives the Touchpad the win, without even adding insult to injury by being to dual boot Android.
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    If you're into apps, just know that he appstore on TP is more or less dead. That said, as a few people previously mentioned, you can dual boot with android and get those apps, though a TP release of ICS could be a while and the current alpha 3 build of gingerbread is not without its issues.
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    People are very praiseworthy of Jason's comic book reader on webOS, I just read a review calling it the best comic reader app there is (from someone who had access to Xoom and iPad, look at my other posts to find the link to the review).

    People are very happy with Kalemsoft reader on webOS for playing back various movie files.

    Word processing is more mixed--I find QuickOffice on webOS to be OK for light tasks and to keep formatting in heavily formatting business docs with special footnotes etc. For creating rough drafts I prefer to run Linux ubuntu in a card (there are tools and scripts from our homebrew and community to set this up easily)

    Likewise for pdf, there is a good pdf viewer called Picsel Smartoffice (on sale now for 4.99) but the adobe pdf reader app is lacking and people in the forums created patches to fix it (I have not looked at the patches although people seem to say that with the patches, it has nice features now). The other choice for me is ubuntu (Xournal) which lets you annotate pdfs with your finger or a stylus and I believe it has desktop like search capabilities so I am OK with this solution seeing that I like webOS.

    There's some other cool apps in the catalog such as Glimpse which is extraordinarily useful as it lets you use more than one app in the same card (twitter, weather, stocks, browser) for eg.. Also Clipboard combined with NEATO will let you send texts back and forth to your pc web browser.

    In any case there is Splashtop and other remote desktop solutions which can let you manipulate your desktop from the TouchPad.

    App catalog is not dead yet as a bunch of devs just got coupons for TouchPads and they are working on apps. But I would say its an enthusiast platform right now without clear direction from HP.

    Android seems to be a mixed bag. Some people love the apps and the pdf reader. Other people try it a few times and then go back to webOS for the elegance, the multi tasking and they find that their app needs are OK satisfied by webOS. There seems to be an effort to put Android on a card (like ubuntu) so dual booting would not be required but that effort seems still to be very buggy right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    There seems to be an effort to put Android on a card (like ubuntu) so dual booting would not be required but that effort seems still to be very buggy right now.
    Those projects to put Android in a webOS card (Palmdroid and Chomper) are dead and have been for months now. There's zero activity going on with either project, and even their own "official" threads on various forums have long since died off.

    Like it or not, it's all about dual-booting CyanogenMod at this point.
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    Thanks for the replies. As of right now I think I prefer the hardware of the playbook butthe software and openness of the Touchpad. Not sure which I'm gonna go with
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Get the touchpad - dual-boot with android and you have two tablets for the price of one.
    This is the way to go, imo.
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    Doesn't the Playbook work with Android apps as well?
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    The Playbook won't support Android apps until somewhere in 2012, and then only certain classes of apps. Definitely not close to all.
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    I'd go for the TP because the extra screen size is just great for watching movies compared to the 7 inch on the PB (especially if you have young kids like myself and can leave the old portable dvd player in the obsolete bin now LOL)
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    yeah a 7in screen is too tiny for me. Even 10 is pretty small but still somewhat usable
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    I'm gonna be checking one out later tonight. I'll pick it up I'd I like it. Kinda concerned about it being too large. I think I'd use it a lot while in bed and it's heftiness might be too much.
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