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    I have looked at the HP Slate 2 and it has some functional features that I like and need for a tablet. That is, I am more interested in using it for business than I am in having a multitude of apps and games. My company is buying it for me, so it will come to me with no cost. I am Apple-adverse, so an Ipad 2 is definitely not an option. Also, I really like webos. However, given that its future is quite tenuous, a webos tablet does not seem to be in the cards. That leaves me waiting for a Windows 8 tablet, which will not come out until some point next year. (I can purchase a Windows 8 tablet, with my own money, at the end of next year. Well, I will purchase one if I feel that I need one at that time.)

    One of my concerns about the Slate 2 is that HP advertises that you can purchase a wireless bluetooth keyboard and case with the Slate 2. However, HP cannot say when the keyboard and case will be available (which is strange). Does anyone know anything about the wireless keyboard and case? Also, what are people's general opinions about the Slate 2?
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