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    Hey all! I'm conducting an assignment for a course to complete my Bachelor's degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications.

    My team needs to create a tablet that would compete against the iPad 2. Ultimately, budget is not a problem. I am very interested in hearing what are your top 10 must-haves for a tablet to win your money over an iPad or your tablet/tablet OS of choice.

    Your list does not need to be app-specific. I am looking for mostly features and capabilities you want the tablet to have, i.e. voice search, cloud storage integration, etc and you can be as detailed as you want to be.

    Any help you can provide is much appreciated because I am interested in gauging the expectations and desires of real consumers and not just creating a concept that I think is great without regard for the majority of shoppers.

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    1. High res screen over 1080p
    2. SD card slot or maybe a compartment for an msata ssd drive
    3. USB port we can plug stuff into and use
    4. Camera 5MP +
    5. Fast multi core CPU & GPU
    6. All electronic features of the latest smart phones (NFC, 4G, GPS, etc)
    7. Good Speakers (Touchpad's Beats Audio are good)
    8. Long Battery Life
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    Ecosystem. Without that all of the above is moot.

    Quality build. The device must look like it's worth purchasing. If it has a cheap plastic construction, it will remain on the shelves.

    If you need an example of what not to do, just google: why webos failed, or why playbook is failing.
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    Two things,

    1) In a direct answer to your question, I want a tablet with the "good" camera on the front. Nobody takes pictures with a tablet, but a lot of people video-call with them.

    2) In your little school exercise, are you specifically trying to target nerds that hang out in smartphone forums, or are you trying to target the general public? Because you are mostly going to get technical/spec wishlist answers from a group such as this.

    If you're trying to target the average person, you need to actually target those people in your market research. You can't just ask a bunch of tech nerds to suggest to you what the average public wants. At least that has been my experience after working for many years with rather ineffective marketing groups.

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    My must have list:
    1. Access to lots of apps. In the current market that means Android OS.
    2. Video out via HDMI. For home use you want to be able to stream videos to your TV. For business use you need to be able to project presentations.
    3. SD card slot.
    4. USB host.
    5. Flash support.
    6. Fast multi-core processor.
    7. Nice capacitive touch screen with the ability to adjust sensitivity.

    In my opinion, if there is to ever be an "ipad killer" it will need all the above at a price point less than ipad.

    My it would be nice list:
    1. Print drivers for common printers.
    2. Keyboard number row and arrows on main screen.
    3. DUN capability for using internet through a dumb phone. If I had this I could get unlimited internet for $10 a month through my AT&T plan. It violates AT&T dumb phone TOS, but lots of people do this with Windows netbooks and notebooks without consequence.
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    General consumer wishlist:
    - approximately 10" screen at 1080p (though it doesn't need to be 16:9 aspect, I actually really like the 4:3 aspect for a tablet)
    - High build quality (plastic is OK, if it's GOOD plastic/good design and still feels solid)
    - Light; tablets are fairly unusable or tiresome if they are too heavy
    - HD front camera (i.e. 2 MP)
    - 8+ MP rear camera that could record 1080p video at 30/24 fps, 720p at 60 fps
    - viable and plentiful ecosystem of apps and acessories
    - 10 hour in-use battery life
    - Good quality stereo speakers that are stereo in either orientation, and also has surround sound downmix processing
    - Video out via mini-HDMI

    Nerd wishlist:
    - Video out via wireless tech (WirelessHD/SiBEAM, wireless HDMI, DLNA streaming, something)
    - Full SD card slot, not just microSD (use case: offloading pictures from cameras while on the road)
    - microSD slot on separate controller to allow for concurrent use (use case: leave one in full time to increase storage, similar to some 1st gen netbooks from Acer that would mount one of the SD card slots as internal drive space)
    - USB host support (required if no built in SD card slot)
    - Standard next-gen assortment of wireless tech: bluetooth 4.0, wifi a/b/g/n (and ac/ad if you launch this 5+ years from now ), NFC, etc.
    - optional cellular capability via an add-on module if you didn't buy it stock; "faux G", real 4G, LTE, WiMax, whatever your particular poison is
    - Quad core CPU
    - Solid GPU
    - NOT be completely locked down like iOS for those brave enough to want to tinker

    Quote Originally Posted by rghilliard View Post
    My must have list:
    1. Access to lots of apps. In the current market that means Android OS.
    Not for a tablet. Honeycomb doesn't have much in the way of optimized apps, unlike the smartphone side of Android. Time will tell on how well the conversion of apps to ICS will go.
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    To replace my laptop, I will require:

    - Dedicated functional word processing (Spell check, word wrap, cut and paste, multiple documents)

    - Functional web browsing (flash, data form entry, Netflix)

    - Long battery life (maybe solar?)

    - USB, SD card (storage, retrieval, run USB devices)

    - HD video

    - Front camera (Skype)

    - Printing capability

    - Non-glare screen

    - Bluetooth support

    - Quality speakers/audio

    - Multi-tasking

    - Quality build

    - Multi-vendor app support (not just a handful from a single vendor)

    - Kindle/e-book

    - News, weather, sports

    - E-mail, IM

    - Unobtrusive notifications

    - Fast boot up
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    My wishlist of what the tablet can do out of the box (i.e. not relying on an app catalog):
    1. 10 hour battery life with moderate to high use.
    2. Capacitive/resistive screen capable of registering pressure sensitive input.
    3. Inductive charging (i.e. TouchStone charging)
    4. Bluetooth tethering to phones with appropriate BT stack (don't remember which stack that is, but TouchPad has it).
    5. A wifi syncing program that allows updating of contacts with computer (outlook, etc.)
    6. Basic functions done well (i.e. Email, PIM, web browser)
    7. Handwriting recognition.
    8. SD slot for expanded memory
    9. USB hosting for connection to devices like cameras.
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    Thanks for the responses everyone.

    To answer a few questions, I'm not looking to appeal to "nerds" like us per-say but I am trying to get a thorough idea of what a few different target markets expect out of a tablet. My team isn't going to base our tablet just from the ideas in this thread. We have plenty of others to survey as well.

    I just wanted to see what current tablet owners expect v. prospective tablet owners because once you've been using a tablet for a while, you're expectations may change but the functionality you desire will probably remain the same. I'm looking to find the best combination of practicality and functionality, even though the tablet we're making will only be a concept.

    To the thread lurkers, if you haven't already responded please do!! I would like as much qualitative research as possible and every opinion counts.
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    To add to my list (after reading others suggestions)

    Solar panel on the back. If they can make one to keep my car at full power for 25/$40 surely they can add one to a tablet.

    Glare free screen, one tech company has just come up with what they call an invisible screen which would be perfect.

    I think SD cards are going to fade away in the future and the new mSATA drives would be a great replacement for them, either way expandable memory is a must !
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    Funny that nobody has demanded an specific operating system... I'd like to throw my two cents:

    - BIGGER than all the rest. I'm not saying 22 inch, but think about it. The "bigger is better" is buried deep inside manyu people's purchasing impulse "logic".
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcmarcos View Post
    Funny that nobody has demanded an specific operating system... I'd like to throw my two cents:

    - BIGGER than all the rest. I'm not saying 22 inch, but think about it. The "bigger is better" is buried deep inside manyu people's purchasing impulse "logic".
    Is this a self assessment? There is no evidence of your size claim in tablets.
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    Ok, here's my dream hardware list, mind tou , I said hardware.

    USB host functionality
    Tegra 3 or equivalent proccy
    10 hour min battery
    Speakers equal to or better than the Touchpad
    Module for 4g/LTE data with voice. Voice is not optional.
    Bluetooth 4.0
    WiFi b/g/n
    Wireless video output

    Mind you, hardware still isn't everything. An idevice with that setup would still not get my money. Android might, if ICS is enough of an improvement. Without a good OS to make use of it, hardware is useless, but there are my thoughts. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinsin07 View Post
    Is this a self assessment? There is no evidence of your size claim in tablets.
    It's my idea, but I'm convinced that "bigger-than-the-rest" indeed helps in raising attention.
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    1. Unlocked root access
    2. Good homebrew community :-)
    3. 4g
    4. USB/sdcard
    5. GPS
    6. Good selection of tablet apps (webOS is almost there)
    - email
    - news reader
    - browser
    - word processing/spreadsheet
    - music (local & internet)
    - video
    - calendar/task manager
    7. WiFi
    8. Bluetooth
    9. Long battery life
    10. 7" with video out

    I think that iOS, android, and webOS are all good tablet OSes, if they meet the above.
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    I'm a little late to the Party but I'll throw my feed back in none the less.

    I don't have a single Dream tablet, but the combination of 2 tablets would be my ideal

    > 15" screen approximately 17" body with touch bezel surrounding the edge, approximately 10mm thick
    > 2 * MicroUSB, 1 * USB-OTG, 1 * MicroHDMI, Dual Audio Jack,
    > BlueTooth 4.0 Smart Ready , Wifi b/g/n, NFC, IR
    > 5MP Front and Rear Camera's with a quality censor to give Point and shoot 5MP camera's a run for their money
    > 8:5 Screen Ratio with 1900 x 1200 resolution
    > Full Software selection native with email, calendar, task manager, app profiles, notification bar, themeable
    > Able to use my existing smartphone as a input tool

    This Tablet would be an at home tablet, probably control my home theater system, and do browsing, and some basic work functions, but over all it would be a family tablet

    my Other tablet would be
    >6.5" Screen appoximately 8" device size with bezel about 1/4" smaller than that of the PlayBook, the corners of the device would be rounded on the diameter of a US quarter to make for a comfortable portrait hold. it would be about 10mm thick
    > Micro USB, Micro HDMI
    > BlueTooth 4.0 Smart Ready , Wifi b/g/n, NFC, IR, 3G/4GLTE
    > 8:5 Screen Ratio with 1440 x 900 resolution
    > The OS would need to share the same features of the larger tablet, though it should also have a Protected user account which requires addition passwords for access to files, and applications that may be sensitive.
    > Able to use my existing smartphone as a input tool

    This would be my travel tablet, it would go everywhere, it would be in my pants pocket, it would do presentations.

    I'd Ideally love these to be Running a QNX based OS with Cascades, though a better implementation of Android Apps than the planned BBX will have, It would be nice if it could also Emulate WebOS Apps, as many are very well made
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    Easy answers...

    11" or 12" widescreen. Why? A 10 inch screen means an abbreviated sized onscreen keyboard. An 11 or 12 inch screen would give me a nice full size keyboard onscreen. Much more comfortable for typing. Also much more comfortable for web browsing, larger more visible fonts, easy viewing. Add a decent screen resolution to go with it (at least 1440x900). Cut down on bezel and it would barely be larger physically than the touchpad.

    Bigger -is- the next step, just look at cell phones.

    Toss a decent os on it. Android ics is the way to go here. Massive app catalog already exists and you can't beat the price (or lack thereof). Ics also supports mouse/keyboard, so you could easily target the netbook crowd with a reasonably priced netbook case that incorporates a keyboard. We've already seen this with ipads, and I think 11-12 inch is the sweet spot here for the idea to really take off. Android also offers a nice upgrade support path - use it and keep the os current at all times.

    Slap 2 gigs of ram in there and a tegra 3 or similar 4 core 1.6ghz processor or higher. This should keep you spec-relevant or head of the ipad 3 when it arrives.

    Put -1- camera on it, forward facing and high quality. 5-8mp, capable of taking hd video and high quality video calling.

    Toss in 128gb of space.

    Price it under 350 bucks.

    Impossible? Probably. Know what else? It won't kill the ipad. The ipad has brand and respect, it -is- the market. People would still shell out bigger bucks for a lower specced ipad 2 or 3. You'd capture some nerd market, but that's a pretty damn small niche.

    Alternative? Figure out a way to toss out a touchpad comparable specced ics device at 99$-150$ and still make a profit. You'll have a hard time keeping em in stock. That really is the ipad-killer pricepoint. At 99 bucks grandma starts shopping for one. I'd buy 2-3 more today. The demand at that price is insane. Hell, that's the price they were trying to hit for laptops destined for children in africa, and have you seen those jokes of computing they are sending over there? You could take the relatively small tablet market and turn it into 2-in-every-home.
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    Let me add. A homebrew community, ala Webos internals or a ubiquitous and exceptional support staff. Apple really shines here as apple stores are around everywhere and the staff is usually incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Contrast this to HP, where I've been on the phone for hours without resolution. Without the homebrew community, I would have thrown my hands up in disgust and walked away a long time ago.

    My list is:
    * Quality hardware
    * Long Battery life
    * Stable operating system
    * Flexibility. This means that I can replace a laptop for normal work... such as attach my DLSR camera, stream display and video for presentation on other displays, plus VNC, RDP to other machines (without clumsy control).
    * Third party support. Not just cases and keyboards, but software, docking stations, etc.
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