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    I have really been missing the webOS keyboard whenever I use Android. After trying several different keyboards, I found "A.I.type Tablet Keyboard Beta" in the market. It is very similar to the webOS keyboard and I like it a lot. There are several A.I.type keyboards, but I believe this is the only one of them that has the numbers at the top.

    It wasn't coming up for me in the market app at first, so I force stopped the market app and cleared it's data. It showed up after that.
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    One that was recommended to me was hackers keyboard in the market which is very similar to the webos one... oh and it's free
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    I tried Hacker's Keyboard first, but the small keys made it difficult with my fat fingers. A few days after going back to the stock keyboard I found A.I.type Tablet Keyboard Beta. I experienced a glitch with the beta last night where it wasn't showing up in an es file explorer search, so I had to temporarily switch back to the standard keyboard to do the search. I doubt I would be willing to pay for it when it gets out of beta, but it is worth trying now that it is free. Not that it matters to me, but it is more aesthetically pleasing than Hacker's Keyboard.
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    Just installed A.I. type Keyboard (Tablet version) as recommended. Not exactly the webOS keyboard but similar and performance is definitely better than the one that comes with the OS.

    Nice find

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