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    With the shortage of HP webOS TouchPads at a cheap price (cheap being the key as it is for my kids to play learning games and occasional Angry Birds), I have been someone forced to find a cheap Android tablet.

    I am trying to stay around the $100 mark for a 7" Android tablet...BUT also am trying to stay away from the really cheap China knock-offs too.
    I have done a bit of research and here are a couple of tablets I have found.

    I am wanting you guys opinions on these or if there is a better alternative.

    Velocity Micro Cruz T105 / T103 (not sure what the difference is between them)
    -Android 2.0 (upgradeable to 2.2 - maybe even 2.3)
    -Capacitive screen - multitouch
    -1GB storage
    -512mb RAM
    -533MHz processor
    -WiFi, 2 SD cards included
    $99 @ BestBuy

    Coby Kyros MID7016, MID7024
    -Android 2.2-2.3
    -Resistive Screen
    -4GB storage
    -256mb RAM
    -800MHz-1Ghz processor
    $129-$149 @ BestBuy

    I like the capacitive screen and cheaper price etc, but the slower processor worries me. Any suggestions, input, etc. I don't want to pay above this mark for a kid tablet. Coby does have a MID7022 with a capacitive screen but its $180 which is out of my budget. really wanting to stay at $100 if possible.

    These are the only ones I have found that are closest to $100 without being the cheap plastic ones that are shipped from Hong Kong and China etc with the foreign app market on it.

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    Hi DJeremyC... Please use our Android forums for these questions. We have a whole site dedicated for this. This 'other tablet' forum is for discussions comparing/contrasting webOS devices vs competing devices. Thank you!

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