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    Interested in honest answers from folks that also have an iPad and a Galaxy Tab... Yes this firesale HP TP was a great price, but is it really worth keeping if one also has an iPad and Gtab? Does it offer anything great beyond these other two competitors? Or should I just sell this thing off as new...

    BTW, I think the Gtab is definitely worth keeping even if one also has an iPad... they are significantly different, in my view...
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    I Don't have either but would think the touchpad would be worth keeping over the galaxy tab, for the simple reason you have a choice of at least 3 operating systems at the moment for the touchpad. Also the benchmark performance of the touchpad is superior to any tegra 2 based system.
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    I own a Galaxytab 10.1 and a Touchpad. Out of the two, the Galaxytab is the one I use the most. My Touchpad has CM7 installed on it and has become just a regular browsing device, Boxee Box remote, used for Netflix streaming, and Comcast Xfinity app. Other than that, the Galaxytab does the brunt of my tablet usage.
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    I don't know how you can expect someone else to answer this question directly for you.

    You'd be better off asking people about *specific* usages for the tablet and asking them to confirm if it can do it. For instance, if you want the tablet to be able to hook to a TV and playback video, obviously the answer is no. etc. etc.

    In any case, do you have a need for 3 tablets? If not, then you might as well sell it now. Once 4 core tablets start flooding the market in a couple of months, the novelty of the multi-boot TP will likely be a distant memory to most new tablet buyers.


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