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    So RIM in Devcon America 2011 released their QNX 2.0 developer beta on Playbook that has an Android app player where re-packaged Android apps can be installed and perform just like their other QNX apps. More so than that, also built in are Android Honeycomb and Ice cream sandwich Launchers, which can be run as a card in QNX with full functions. Check out the demonstration video below.

    I know QNX Playbook is fighting for its life now but isn't that too much? If you let the whole Android OS running in your system, why make QNX in the first place? If Android apps are so easily portable to QNX, who would still want to develop apps for QNX? I know I wouldn't want my webOS only has those list-oriented back-and-forth-button-operating Android apps. :

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    Because QNX/BBX has a far more secure networking layer that Android lacks and will always lack.

    But yes, the apparent ease of being able to repackage an Android app for QNX is a very big double edged sword.
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    This forum is for comparing/contrasting webOS devices to the competition. If you wish to discuss other specific OS's, please use one of the other dedicated SPE sites. Thank you

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