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    Not really TP news but I thought the article was interesting.

    It seems a new version of Alien Dalvik might be released that will run Android apps on an Ipad. Of more interest is their stated wish to develop Alien Dalvik to run on many other devices.

    Alien Dalvik 2.0 set to bring Android apps to iPad at CTIA | Android and Me
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    Hands-on with Myriad's Alien Dalvik 2.0 on an iPad (video) -- Engadget

    It's apparently a webapp with the interpreting being done "in the cloud," and serving up a H264 video feed.

    That's good news for webOS, as it's not really a matter of porting anything but simply writing the interface for the video feed.

    Bad news, IMO, is that I can't see any way of ever getting the latency down enough on something like that to make it really usable for gaming. I can only envision some kind of slow painful sluggish process like using an Archos tablet or similar cheap-o underpowered Android tab.
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    There is a port going the other way, Bluestacks allows you to use Android on a PC and soon a Mac.

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