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    And why doesn't anyone ever talk about it? It's an HP Tablet right? Does it run WebOS? Is it discontinued?
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    Its a touchscreen device that runs Windows 7 and is more expensive than most pcs and many laptops. I don't know about its future but played wit one for a month and wasn't to impressed with it.
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    It might be sorta neat with windows 8.
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    There's this thing called Google...

    It's a pretty niche product, hampered by the Atom CPU and N-trig digitizer. But to be honest, I prefer a Windows 7 tablet to my Touchpad 99% of the time.
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    If you type HP Slate in any search engine you will find out what it is. It's a Windows 7 tablet from HP. We have several of them at our office they use for field surveys. It's got some very good features, but nothing special about it with the exception of handwriting recognition. Built like a brick - and looks like one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    It might be sorta neat with windows 8.
    I have one and have it dual-booting to Win7 and 8. Win 8 runs pretty nice but still shows early beta-ness. I'm looking forward to the futures releases.

    If you think HP horked-up the TP release, you should have been around for the Slate 500 launch. It was another miss by HP. Supposedly they only made 5000 units initially and received orders 10x that in the first week. People like myself waited 3-4 months for delivery. We were only kept sane by banding together on another forum.

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    yup it was to be the first iPad killer. Then Hurd bought palm it got canned then it got brought back to life. Only 5k initial build. Leveraged AS A business tablet.
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    The HP slate was a HORRIBLE windows 7 tablet, which is why no one talks about it.

    To answer your other questions:

    1. No it runs windows 7 not WebOS
    2. No it's not discontinued; HP still sells it for an outrageous $799

    I mentioned this here:

    Kind of ironic that this terrible tablet is still in existence while HP put the axe on the Touchpad. I owned a slate for a hot second. I bought it on eBay for $500 and luckily turned it around and sold it for $430. It was a really really bad experience. Super slow, terrible touch screen, on-screen keyboard was horrendous. Not sure why anyone would want one except for the novelty. Not sure how anyone could get any work done on it either.

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