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    Amazon lights a Fire - but UK gets a single sparkler, $79 Kindle isn't option in the UK!

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    Amazon lights a Fire - but UK gets a single sparkler
    Week in Tech: Amazon's on to a winner - but what about us?

    TABLETS NEWS By TechRadar

    $79 Kindle isn't option in the UK!

    Next week will be all about Apple, but this week it's Amazon's turn to shine: the firm has unveiled three new bits of Kindle kit that should delight customers and annoy rivals - or at least, they should in the US. For the time being, it seems, the best kit is US-only.

    Unfortunately crossing the Atlantic puts the price up to 89, although as Amazon told us that's because the $79 version is ad-supported, which is a service that isn't an option over here. When you compare the UK and US prices of the ad-free Kindles, things don't look so bad: the US price is $109, which works out at around 84.
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    Well, to be fair, we have a pretty hard time finding HobNobs here.
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