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    September 29, 2011
    Kindle Fire May Force Android Tablet Makers to Cut Prices

    SEOUL (Reuters) - Asian technology companies came under pressure on Thursday to slash prices of their tablet computers after launched its Kindle Fire at a mass market-friendly $199.

    From Samsung Electronics to Sony Corp, major Asian tablet makers have ambitious plans to take on Apple, whose iPad is the gold standard in the booming market.

    With their me-too type of products priced almost at the same level as the iPad's starting price of $499, none of them have however been able to gain any significant market share from Apple.
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    It's possible, but I wouldn't expect it to be a drastic cut. There is a market for cheap netbooks, and also a market for laptops. If anything, this gives higher visibility to non-iPad tablets, and some people may say, "I can pay an extra $150 and get a bigger screen and all these other features? Hmmm..."

    Or they may not. I've given up on figuring out non-techy consumers.
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    I could see that happening.
    Cheap DVD players from China completely changed the DVD scene 10 years ago. They dropped from $150 to $40. So far the super-cheap Android tablets have been mostly junk so ppl aren't flocking to them as the primary tablet but Fire may change things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrstinkfish View Post
    Or they may not. I've given up on figuring out non-techy consumers.
    This sounds like the smartest thing yet.

    Iíve decided that whatever happens, tablets as a market segment are established enough now that the next time I want to get one, there will be manufacturers in the market with ones I want to buy. So I donít care too much how each manufacturer does individually.

    At first blush, the Fire looks kind of compelling as a ďsecondary tabletĒ for around the house. But honestly, Iíd just as soon wait 6 more months and put that $200 towards replacing my existing one with a Terga 3 tablet. Assuming there are apps available that todayís Tegra 2 tablets canít handle.

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    Man, the Touchpad has proven one thing: cheap tablets SELL!!

    PS: No, xing Lings are not tablets... are headaches!!

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