View Poll Results: Will BlackBerry Playbook experience a firesale liquidation of inventory?

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  • Yes (Similar to the TP)

    3 15.79%
  • Yes (Deep discounts but no where close to the HP TP firesale prices)

    11 57.89%
  • NO (BB will keep plugging along business as usual) typical discounts here and there

    3 15.79%
  • NO (BB will flatly kill the Playbook but won't flood the street with firesale inventory)

    2 10.53%
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    What is your prediction. When, where, and for how much. Do you think the BB Playbook's that are priced at firesale prices will invoke the same fervor that the HP TP has / had?
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    I read somewhere earlier today that staples is going to have it for $249 after rebate next week
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    Staples CURRENTLY has a sale...
    a 16GB PB is $349.99 in store with a $100 visa mastercard rebate...
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    The difference being... RIM at this point has no plans to kill the Playbook line.
    You will see a much lower price point, but not a firesale. 250-300 is probably where it should have been priced initially. Plus, the playbook will be getting a massive software update in a month or so that will make it more of a standalone tablet rather than an extension of your BB phone.

    Remember, the playbook is basically a beta for the Blackberry QNX phone coming out next year. Rumors are after that they will resume work on the 10" playbook 2.

    Very different than HP's touchpad firesale, where they basically threw up their hands and said "done"
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    16GB version is $299.99 now at Best Buy.
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    Bb just cut the price by $200. Read usa today today.

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