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    Why You Shouldn't Buy An Android Honeycomb Tablet Until Next Month

    Why You Shouldn't Buy An Android Honeycomb Tablet Until Next Month

    With a HP TouchPad round 2 fire sale looking very unlikely, hopes of grabbing a tablet at $99 and awaiting the Honeycomb port seemed to have been shattered. Given that the top Android Honeycomb tablets don't come anywhere near the $200 price range, many folks may have given up on getting an Android tablet already or deciding to pay more. Well hold on right there.

    8GB Archos G9 Android Honeycomb tablets starts at $299
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    Interesting. I want to know more about the screen quality and weight. For me, these are the two most important features for a tablet. (Also the touchpad's second and third biggest failures, beside the lack of apps).
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    I don't know about the Archos tablet they are talking about, but I got a chance to play around with the Grid 10 at last months Engadget show, and it's a pretty nice tablet. It's coming out next month, and it's also debuting at $299.

    Fusion Garage Grid10 price dropped to $299, launch pushed to October 1st | This is my next...

    It's unfortunate that it took for HP to screw things up with this whole TouchPad fiasco for others tablet makers to realize to compete on price. Now everyone will benefit from this going forward except HP.

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