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    not sure if this is the right forum to post this. Well I tried out the Win8 developer preview. Not impressed at all. Installed it on my laptop. One thing I know is that on the laptop I will never want to use the metro interface. Its just not geared for a pc. On a tablet sure it makes sense. However I couldn't help but get the feeling that MS is so far behind. And this isn't due for release for another year!!! Omg, they have their work cut out for them. I prefer webOS, IOS and android to Win8 any day. I realize its just a preview but man are they way behind.
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    Interesting...I also find the media going left and right about how Metro is so different from IOS and how MS is doing something new and refreshing. I guess this is refreshing for MS, but not much for me and I haven't found much to be impressed with yet. Sorli...
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    I think the point is 1) it's a developer preview, so comparing it to a released OS is a bit unfair; 2) it's not going to be released for at least a year, probably longer; and 3) The point is to have a single OS between all of your devices. It means that the same programs will work the same way on all of your devices (if you get nothing but Win8 devices). It also means you'll have a continuous client (you'll have to look that one up if you've never heard of it). The choice of interface is part of this solution: Metro is not meant for a non-touchscreen device. The impressive part of Win8 is not running it on one device; it's running it on all three or four.
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    Bingo. What he ⇈ said.
    Touchscreens are a fad.

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