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    iPad Claims Another Victim: Sharp Exits Tablet Sector

    iPad Claims Another Victim: Sharp Exits Tablet Sector - International Business Times

    Sharp, one of Japan's biggest makers of electronics, will scrap its Galapagos tablet on the market less than a year. The move demonstrates the market strength of Apple's iPad line.
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    As soon as I saw them in the stores here near Tokyo, I knew that they would fail. Im sorry but Sharp did a pretty poor job - The screen was just horrible and the magazines looked blurry like you were reading them on an 80s monitor.

    Sony is really the only Japanese company that can complete in consumer electronics these days. Toshiba a little bit but here in Japan, its a small player.

    I wish these companies would wake up but unfortunately, they seem to be building stuff that they think works for Japanese people. I heard the other day from a student of mine who works for Sharp. He said that We are a Japanese company so we build for Japanese people. Im sorry but that just doesnt cut it now days.

    Japanese people are now in love with Apple

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