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    Guilty as well, even before the TouchPad. I don't know how I manage to confuse a 24"we with my Pre-, but I did I do have a habit of using my PC & TouchPad at the same time which often results in me constantly typing on the wrong keyboard.
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    Do it all the time...netbook also...where's my touchscreen? Ahhhh.... :-)

    Many of us on Sprint will be looking at iPhone 5 next month and swiping lefts and right to no avail. Maybe IOS 5 will get rooted quick enough to bring back some useful webOS features. Sorli...
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    I do it on my android smartphone from time to time.. would be great to have it there too. At least I have a gesture to open up the apps on the desktop there, so its not completely off the way
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    Quote Originally Posted by thespacecowboy View Post
    lol I did exactly this the other day. I don't try it on my iPhone (perhaps the size doesn't make me think about it).

    Saying that, i left my office the other day and pressed my car lock button as I walked out. ***? I'm going crazy
    sounds like a friend of mine, when i went to see him 1 day he was on the phone, but whenever he spoke he was clicking one of his mouse side buttons, this ofc is his key for Push To Talk on Ventrilo and the goofballs pressing it when hes speaking on his phone.
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    I did the same thing, I said that on this forum before! haha
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    I swiped up on my android phone. It took me a few seconds to figure out why it didn't work.
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