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    Video of it in action:


    notice how it has a back gesture...
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    They gave out 5000 of them.
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    Very impressive.
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    To be honest, windows 8 actually looks awesome. Cant wait to get one
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    For what it's worth, it's said to be a slightly modified version of the Samsung Series 7 Slate, which I'll most likely be buying as soon as I can.

    Apparently the modifications are that they added more sensors (NFC, gyroscope, etc.) I kind of wish that those were going to be in the actual released slate, but not that big a deal.
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    The difference between someone like Samsung making tablets, and HP making tablets:

    The first two pictures are from the Samsung slate (screengrabs from the video).

    The top left is the Wifi/3G connectivity, then the fan, 4GB in Samsung RAM chips soldered to the motherboard, the Core i5, and then the SSD, with the battery taking up the entire bottom half.

    Compared to what the inside of the Touchpad is like (with its much more traditional laptop-like layout), no wonder HP can't keep up on hardware.
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    I'm a little weirded out by the idea of heat dissipation and fans in a tablet but I guess the Win32 binary compatibility is a good tradeoff.
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    What's the size of the tablet compared to a touchpad (heavier, bulkier)???
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    Quote Originally Posted by barenomore View Post
    What's the size of the tablet compared to a touchpad (heavier, bulkier)???
    11.6" display, 0.5" thick (ie thinner than the Touchpad), 2.0lbs (0.4lbs heavier than the Touchpad).
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    Let's see if Apple will like to tango with Microsoft and Samsung. I doubt if Apple will try to prevent the release of this tablet like they have done with Android tablets.

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