i didnt read the entire 10 pages, but there will be 2 versions of windows 8. x86 versions, and one based on arm. i would say for x86, no it wont be possible. for windows 8 on arm, yes and no.

in terms of drivers, drivers are probably not such a big issue. there is a creative method windows is using for driver implementation for arm. here is some info about how they are handling drivers. scroll down to driver section and look for "class drivers" AnandTech - Microsoft Provides Windows on ARM Details unless i'm mistaken, and i could very well be, seems like the driver implementation is going to be very flexible in what will be supported.

in terms of hardware, here is the link to a demo where they use a device that is 99% identical to touchpad AnandTech - A look at Windows 8 Tablets running on TI, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD and Intel silicon go down to qualcom, i think those specs are pretty much in line with what a touchpad has

so from a hardware perspective it is possible to run on a touchpad. however windows 8 for arm will be locked down and only loaded on specific devices.