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    The playbook is due to have prices cut though not asdrastically as the TP. I had wanted to get a Asus transofrmer but did not think it was worth the 400 price tag (yes i know it costs ~300 to make). If it were to drop to 200-250 then yes i'd get one. Will we see other drastic cuts in the price of Android tablets?
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    If Playbook price drops to $200, I will get one for myself. I really want 7" tablet. Or I should just wait for Galaxy 7.7 tab, and I am willing to pay full price for that device. Probably it's going to be around $400.
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    BestBuy raised the price for the Playbook back up to $699.
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    Pricing on mainstream tablets will be affected by ever increasing quality of the no-name China-knockoffs much more so than the one time (two time now) blip of TPs flaming out.

    In short, they will continue to come down over time, but they will not drop down all of a sudden because of the TP.

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    I think we're going to see a lot of interesting pricing games as we get closer to the holidays. A million potential tablet consumers have already bought the Touchpad and a good portion of those still looking for one are not going to fork over $400+ for anything but an iPad.

    The Playbook is already seeing sizable prices drops at various resellers and other tablets will soon follow suit.

    Apple is probably going to continue to seize 90%+ of the $500 and up tablet segment from here on out. Other vendors are going to have to try and grab space at the lower end. Apple could probably squeeze the life out of that segment too if they decide to release a lower end model (or position the iPad 2 lower when v.3 is released).
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    i like to think so
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    I don't think any of the major players are as psychopathic as hp. I think they all have a better understanding of the term 'marathon'. sure the prices will come down, but firewall prices would be indicative of liquidation, and we won't see that unless another company gives up..

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