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    Anyone else with me here? I don't understand this whole dual boot business. Why don't we get Android to run in a card on WebOS? Would this even be possible? I know I don't have the tech savvy to do something like this, but wouldn't it be mobile OS nirvana to accomplish this?
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    There's a group called Palmdroid that aims to make an android app player akin to the one on QNX.
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    Apps, yes. Android the OS, no thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    There's a group called Palmdroid that aims to make an android app player akin to the one on QNX.
    Wow...they are getting busy over at XDA and I like the whole Palmdroid concept...running Android apps on-top of webOS.

    If you brief though the comments, you'll also notice something very surprising. All of the Android users who have now picked up TouchPads on Fire-sale and used them for a couple of days one person stated

    "After playing with my touchpad, I have to agree, I really like webOS. I look forward to seeing where this project goes. I will also be donating when this is released. Thanks Devs."
    and someone else said

    This would be amazing!

    There are loads of great android apps, but after 2 days with my touchpad I already love webOS too much to want to replace it with Android. For me android apps would be killer, although access to chrome web apps would also help add to the experience.
    I'm enthusiastic about this option and yes I would prefer just running apps on-top of webOS in emulation or otherwise instead of completely replacing webOS. Hope this gets a bunch of support and thumbs up from webOS Internals and all the other Homebrew crews out their already working on webOS! Sorli...
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    Dalvik like port to the Palm/HP WebOS
    follow that thread for dalvik for webOS
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    Geez, I'm so confused. According to the iRobot fans here, the HP hardware sucks, the OS is clever, but webOS is slow.

    So you want to put a lousy (imho) OS on bad hardware, in emulation, no less, to run on top of a slow OS.

    Yeah, I guess it'd be cool to put Linux on a microwave. But would it make the microwave better?

    Just can't figure you folks out sometimes.
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    ^^^ too funny! ;-)

    Love the sentiment and appreciate where your coming from. Confusing unless you're an avid webOS fan left in the dark by the present landlord HP!

    For me, webOS ROCKS, the hardware isn't perfect but then what is, and all the users want is to continue using the device they love. For me, Palmdroid is a great stop gap and will simply allow webOS to survive augmented with Android.

    Works for me and I'm not nuts...okay kinda crazy but not nuts! Sorli...

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