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    For those of you who's argued that it was perfectly fine for Touchpad to come without a rear camera (and hdmi and micro sd and...) and that tablet rear cameras are completely unnecessary, I present to you Exhibit A:

    (@ Dragon*Con 2011 annual parade of the nerds (like San Diego Comic-con but in ATL)) She's hardcore with skins and hair highlights and everything.

    Now as for the "you'll look like a buffoon taking pics with your tablet" argument... no comment.
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    I have seen people taking video on iPads and graduations. Just sit it on the arm rest and no pan and scan.

    Some people may take it more seriously:
    iPad Movie Mount
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    I've actually seen people stream events using the iPad's rear camera.
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    this guy needed a rear faxing camera:

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    I see this all the time. I went to a lot of graduations this summer and there were always somebody taking pics or recording with their iPads. Not as useless as some people here think.
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    shows off using the rear camera.

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