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    Domino: HP TouchPad $99 firesale prelude to RIM PlayBook massacre
    September 2, 2011 Beatweek

    Domino: HP TouchPad $99 firesale prelude to RIM PlayBook massacre : Beatweek Magazine

    The demise of the HP TouchPad may not be the only tablet which goes to the grave before this month is over. In what could trigger a domino effect among unpopular tablets in general, Best Buy is aggressively slashing the prices of the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, a tablet which like the TouchPad, has never found any degree of mainstream popularity. Last month the retailer began slashing TouchPad prices in what was later learned to be a prelude to the discontinuation of the TouchPad line. This sets up the unpopular PlayBook as the next tablet which gets discounted and then discontinued due to lack of interest, only to be played up as the next great “iPad killer” when a $99 firesale ignites just enough bargain-hunter interest in the product so as to be able to spin it into post-mortem success. But even before it’s made clear whether the PlayBook will be ended, parallels between it and the TouchPad are striking.
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    Must say that I would not pay $99 for a playbook...but what can I say, I am biased. WebOS had me at hello (aka CES 2009).
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    playbooks a ripoff of far as cards and multitasking goes....
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    The Playbook should be getting Android apps with an upcoming update, but no BES support in the near future? RIM should have never released a half-baked product. I agree with scuba_steve, even at $99 I wouldn't be interested . . . but that's mostly because I now have a Touchpad.

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