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    I've had a new 32gb touchpad for two days now and here are my thoughts for what they are worth. I'm a gadget freak, have windows systems at work and Macs or ubuntu boxes at home and I've written apps for Android. I've got a rooted nook running 2.3 CM7 and bought my wife an ipad 2 earlier this year.

    I'm generally impressed - certainly for the discounted price of $149. The screen is very bright and colorful and compares well against my wife's ipad 2 - both much better than the nook. I installed preware, updated to a 1.5GHz kernel and disabled logging before making my observations. Touch response is quite good and smooth - certainly superior to the nook. Setting up e-mail and calendars (to google) was very simple. I've not pushed over my itunes music library yet. The touchpad feels "thick" - the ipad 2 is more pleasing to hold. Not a big deal.

    Webos is "ok" - it has some nice ideas vs Android 2.3 or ios 4.x - and some deficiencies as well. The interface is simple to learn. Cards don't use enough of the screen - I'd love to see the card stacks spread out on the screen as they are centered and I'd like to see them grouped by application type as OSX does. Perhaps future updates will improve this. I miss live wallpapers and desktop widgets.

    Tablet rotation is not always immediate - ipad 2 really snaps as you rotate it.

    touchpad browser is generally quite good - best flash implementation I've seen including Android but I miss the tabs or page views from android dolphin or safari on the ipad. Seems quite responsive.

    The Kindle Beta app is a dog - I can't count on it. Sometimes its fine and other times I'll just get a white page and a page freeze. No problems on nook or ipad 2. Skype video conferencing works well. Weather apps on the touchpad are terribly slow compared to ipad 2 weather channel.

    The app store magazine concept is nice but the lack of depth shows very quickly. Most of what I'm interested in comes through the web but the experience is very different than either Android or ios.

    Very impressed with preware and appreciate the efforts the community is putting into improving the experience.

    I'll likely play around with ubuntu at some point. My experience has been very positive with Android 2.3 CM7 (cyanogen) on the nook - the nook is slow but the experience is reliable and the application selection is very good. CM7 is a good tablet operating system today. I've played with Honeycomb but will wait until ice cream sandwich is available - CM7 is fine in the meantime. When it becomes available on the touchpad I'll be tempted to switch over as the touchpad hardware is very nice.

    I purchased the touchpad as something to fiddle with and as a likely gift for my mom for skype videoconferencing. I don't think my mom would be happy with an Android device - a little too many dials and knobs and too much room for her to get lost.

    I'm pleased today with the purchase. webos could still use some polishing but has promise.

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    thoughtful review, thanks for the perspective.

    ps: you say the experience is different than android because lack of depth of apps, but I had understood webOS to have more tablet-optimized apps than android, so am curious about that statement.
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    Touchpad may have more specific apps than Honeycomb does, but most Android apps handle a larger screen well including netflix, kindle, google maps, news readers and the like.


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