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    I am a launch day Pre- user, from before Android became mainstream and before iOS was available on a non-AT&T device. So I developed my bias toward WebOS as an operating system before I could really appreciate alternatives.

    For those of you who are experiencing WebOS for the first time as a result of the firesale, what are you thoughts? Aside from the lack of apps (which we all know), how does WebOS compare to your "home" OS? What would I like or dislike by switching to iOS or Android?
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    I'm also a launch day pre buyer. I had to move to AT&T recently and am on Android. I bought the Touchpad because I love WebOS and was planning on getting one pre firesale. The only thing I see that Android has the advantage over WebOS is the Browser. Android is faster.
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    I have an HTC Evo 3D (Sprint.) Other than the lack of apps I have no problem with webOS at all. I would prefer Android simply because I have spent much time learning and now all the ins and outs.

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