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    The 4 Biggest Tablet Blunders Besides HP Touchpad
    12:20 PM - August 25, 2011 - By Wolfgang Gruener -
    Source : Tom's Guide US
    HP's TouchPad is just the latest casualty in the tablet business. Here are four others that came before it.

    The 4 Biggest Tablet Blunders Besides HP Touchpad

    When the HP TouchPad went on a $99 fire sale late last week, selling an estimated 350,000 units within a few hours, some members of the media speculated that the tablet's price could have been an issue. That argument was a bit silly since HP had already incurred an estimated bill of materials well above $200 per unit. A high per-unit cost and serious lack of sales combined to eventually lead the company to seek a means of simply getting rid of all its produced units before having to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK. If you were offered a genuine Armani suit for $99, you may very likely buy it, even if you didn't need it. Why? Because you'd know you were getting it a rock-bottom price. The same reasoning applies to the $99 TouchPad. (Though it could be argued which would actually see more use - the suit or the TouchPad?)
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    lame article... only half (2 of 4) of their examples might be considered to be TABLET blunders... Palm Foleo??? not a tablet at all, 3Com Audrey??? also not a tablet by any stretch...

    Yet he also brushes aside the Apple Newton, which was definitely tablet-like and a clear failure. But how about the scads of Windows tablets... hard to think about them all because they made so little impact (Toshiba, IBM, Fuji, Acer all offered one or more at some point).
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    The Foleo was a laptop.
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    I get the feeling the author considers releasing any tablet prior to the iPad as a blunder.

    Amazed the JooJoo / CrunchPad didn't make the list.

    All that angst and when it launched it fell flat on its face.

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