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    RIM releases SDK for PlayBook game developers
    By James Kendrick | August 24, 2011, 11:03am PDT

    RIM releases SDK for PlayBook game developers | ZDNet

    Summary: RIM has released an SDK for the BlackBerry PlayBook for game developers to provide the tools for producing good apps for the platform. The problem is itís a closed beta with limited access.

    Most of the news lately has centered around the dead HP TouchPad, but today the other dead tablet got some new life. I am joking of course, the BlackBerry PlayBook is not dead, itís just not very much alive if activity level is an indication. RIM is aiming to jump-start app development by releasing a native SDK for C/C++ with deeper API access important to game developers.
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    About time.
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    RIM will fall down... Blackberry OS really is not a good OS I can say...

    Edit: as "etx" said: Is just about time... Let's see what happen.
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    Better check world wide sales of the Blackberry and Playbook, Blackberry isn't going anywhere. 2.0 is supossed to release in Sept. with native email, contacts and calander. And Android Player. Hardware? well let's just say Playbook is what the Touchpad should have been. QNX Phone by 1stQ of next year with Android support. Have had all three tablets,Ipad2, Touchpad 32gb and my Playbook. For me, Playbook wins. QNX is fast and smooth, screen and display is best on any tablet, way more portable and more comfortable to use for longer time periods. All of them are good devices. But for me, the Playbook is my go to device.
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    The Playbook got an awesome update last week. The Playbook now has 24/7 internet access via Bridge --- not just for Blackberry email, but also for the big browser, and all the 3rd party apps.

    There is no need to root your phone, no need to jailbreak your phone, no need to setup wifi hotspot on your phone, and no need to pay extra money for tethering fee.

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