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    Why consumers won’t buy tablets (unless they’re iPads)
    By James Kendrick | August 17, 2011, 6:58am PDT

    Why consumers won’t buy tablets (unless they’re iPads) | ZDNet

    Summary: Why can’t non-iPads sell? Because the consistent marketing experience from Apple is something that competitors simply cannot reproduce.

    Can anybody besides Apple can make a tablet that can sell? That question rises yet again with word that the HP TouchPad is not selling well. If this is true, it puts the TouchPad in the same camp as all other tablets except the iPad. The line from the movie “if you build it they will come” has been proven conclusively to not apply to tablets, as HP is now discovering.

    Why can’t non-iPads sell? It’s not like products such as Honeycomb tablets or the webOS-based TouchPad aren’t acceptable to the market. They may not match the iPad in every area but by and large they are mostly functionally equivalent. It seems that all of the tablets don’t appeal to the same market that is attracted to the iPad, which continues to sell as fast as Apple can make them.
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    HP needs to gain mindset like Apple does. In order to do it, it needs to make TP better than IP in every way. This means TP2 should outcompete IP3, in screen resolution, weight, battery size, processors, memory, software should do things that even IP 3 wouldn't do. They should not say when Apple released it no one complained about it last year.
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