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    Why iPads may fall flat for PC users
    By Jason Hiner, TechRepublic, 7 August, 2011 09:00

    Why iPads may fall flat for PC users | Mobile Working | ZDNet UK

    Tablet sales, driven by Apple's iPad, may have stolen the limelight, but that doesn't mean these devices are for everyone, says Jason Hiner

    I started using the original Apple iPad the day it launched in 2010. I did the same with the iPad 2 in 2011.

    And I've been fortunate enough to have tested for weeks or even months most of the other high-profile tablets of the past year, even before they were available to the public the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom, the BlackBerry PlayBook and the HP TouchPad.
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    Since I am not into hulu, I am struggling to find a reason to keep my touchpad other than supporting palm, but its not palm anymore and they did'nt care about me enough to keep the palm name.
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    I need a keyboard and at least a 15" screen, lots of storage, etc. I use my computer to create content as much as I consume content so a real keyboard is a must. I keep over 10GB of photos, 10GB of music, and movies at 1.5GB each.

    At Best buy you can get a:
    $229 10" HP Netbook with 1GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive.

    $339 15" HP Laptop with HD display, 3GB RAM, 320 GB Hard Drive, DVD player/burner, etc.

    $449 17" HP Laptop with HD Dsiplay, 4GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, DVD player/burner, and HDMI out.

    I can't think of a place I would use a tablet that a netbook or a laptop would not be better for less money.

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