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    If HP was Apple, they would have sued RIM 3x over. I was able to use the playbook with no knowledge of QNX at all. All the gestures are a direct copy! Do you think HP would spend time pursuing legal action?
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    If HP can successfully sue RIM based on some vaguely worded UI patent --- then HP would be really screwed because Apple has tons of these vaguely worded UI patents.
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    Honestly, it's probably wait & see. They have nothing to gain by sinking millions in costs to pursue this if RIM is doomed to fail anyway. That's just my opinion. I have to say though, seeing those commercials with the cards & flicks really boils me. It's so blatant, it's like the fake Chinese Apple Stores. It's just in poor taste. Flattery.....? It confuses the market. No question. I think based on that they have a real case, that is if they can prove it causes product confusion among consumers. But again, I don't know if it's worth the fight right now. They have bigger fish to fry.
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    playbook is just a KIRF touchpad heh

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    Unless HP can prove that such copying has resulted in lost sales and revenue, there's very little point in suing RIM. Contrary to what most people think, lawsuits aren't about protecting intellectual property but protecting revenue.

    If anything, Playbook's copying of the gestures helps HP in that people who're familiar with the "unintuitive" webOS cards and webOS gestures metaphor mean little effort in moving to the better implementation. Once people realize that RIM is a sinking ship and that the Playbooks will become worthless in short order, I'm sure familiarity with the gestures will be a plus for moving to the TouchPad, the platform where the gestures were copied from.

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