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    First of all I really like webOS. To make that clear.

    I walked in a local store today as they announced the TP for sale yesterday.

    They have it on a seperate display connected to WiFi which is an advantage to the other tablets which are not connected.

    So far so good.

    Then the personal experience. I don't count the ipad2 in as this is a second generation device.

    But the Acer Iconia Tab (Packard Bell Liberty Tab), Motorola Xoom - those I do consider competition.

    And here the TP looses in my eyes. The apps load sometimes for a long time...
    No camera on the back. No SD card slot, not speaking of the HDMI output which they have.

    The TP is the thickest, which wouldn't be a problem with the right ingredients.

    How could they leave out the second camera and why isn't there no SD card slot, nor HDMI output?

    And it doesn't feel good. Screen is really a fingerprint magnet. It feels kinda distant from the surface.

    And there isn't much perloaded app stuff on there.

    Last but not least it's more expensive, apart from the Xoom which packs 3G.

    So why should I invest in this? See, I'll wait a few more months until the dust has settled and first generation bugs are solved and we might have a second generation with full specs. Other than than that I might jump in for an ANDROID because I get more for my money. Simple as that.
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    Definitetly valid points on most of those. A store demo is not a good way to determine speed on any tablet, although it could be a tad faster. I have absolutely no problems with the speed of the apps opening.

    On the other aspects, the hdmi out is the only big one for me, but i think this should be determined by each customer. yes it would be nice to have, but i would never use a camera, sd slot, and rarely an hdmi port.

    i dont know what you mean by preloaded apps on there, unless you are comparing to the toshiba thrive, which has about 100 dollars worth of apps preloaded, but i have spent a total of probably 15 dollars on all the apps i need.

    Why should you invest?? thats up to you, but for me, webOS is the best mobile OS out there, and i am willing to be the guinea pig to make it better. I believe HP will put and is putting all of there force behind to make it better, and see it succeed. I don't have to touch on all the points about why i love webOS, but i will say, i dont care about the specs when it comes to a tablet, i want the OS that i will be happy with and that works the best, and webOS is that.( and if "more for my money" means being stuck with a crappy OS, then go for it) (: i kid i kid.
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    You know I have been using webos since Oct. 2010 - it works, but there is this feeling I might miss out if I'll never really give Andorid a try. To be honest one can open all kind of apps have them in cards and it's good. What buffles me is that Acer manages to get all sort of hardware into one device for less cash.

    The Toshiba thrive will be examined as it has an exchangeable battery and all the goodness of the others...

    I don't need a tablet per se. It's not that I am starving by not having one. So the one that I'll buy has to last some years. Therefor I take care.

    webOS hurry up, you have been sleeping...jump and run. I'll gladly take a look at the next hardware cycle.
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    Went to Micro Center last night. They had on display all next to each other - Gal Tab 7, View Sonic 7 tab, Playbook, Kindle 3... then for the big boys Archor 101, Acer Iconia, Moto Xoom, Gal Tab 10.1, Touchpad, and Transformer.

    I picked up the Touchpad first and while I knew it to be bulky and heavy, it was like "hmm, maybe it's not so bad". Then Iconia and Transformer felt more compact and lighter, Xoom felt like I'm picking up lead, Galaxy Tab 10.1 was just ridiculous. After holding Tab and going back to Touchpad, it was painfully apparent about its size and weight. Also, while the Best Buy Touchpad demo was not running, this Touchpad was extreeeeeemely laggy and choppy. Could probably use a reboot but then I hope HP just nails out all the bugs and optimizes webOS 3.0 soon so this won't be an issue. Just my observations.
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    I wouldn't have gotten a tablet if there hadn't been a webOS tablet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayphoonstar View Post
    I wouldn't have gotten a tablet if there hadn't been a webOS tablet.
    I'm the same way. I got a 7 inch Android tablet primarily as a media player (has a 250gb hard drive) and to test if a tablet could replace my laptop for work purposes (since they are about the same in price). The tablet had a lot going for it. It has a big hard drive, usb in (though it requires a powered hub), and a full document suite, but it just couldn't fit the bill. If it wasn't for the Touchpad I don't think I would have bought another one. The way webOS multi-tasks and handles emails seems better suited to replace my work laptop than any of the others. I just need document editing and support for electronic forms (like pure edge) would be nice.

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