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    Trending today on twitter...

    Who is TabCo?

    HP? Someone else?

    FYI, their twitter says something about stay tuned in the "coming weeks" in nearly every tweet.
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    Hmm interesting.

    One of their tweet says they are a privately held company with great investors.

    I think its going to be a Android tablet
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    Quote Originally Posted by 06gto View Post
    Not so sure about that. They say they're a Tablet Company and they show an actual new device in their latest video (only from the back).
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    Yeah, probably yet another Android OEM. Just what the world doesn't have enough of.
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    could it be the marketing for the 7 inch webOS tablet - Topaz ?
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    I believe Topaz was the code name for the Touchpad, 7" webOS is coded Opal I believe.
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    The tablet shown in their "Lemmings" ad appears to be a smaller tablet, possibly a 7 incher.

    ‪Lemmings‬‏ - YouTube
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    The folks over at the Maemo forums as well as other sites I've read thinks it is a Meego tablet
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    Its not a 7 inch tablet as per their website..
    Your Questions: Answered | Who is TabCo?
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    * Question #16: Is it Rubik’s Cube interface style?
    * Answer #16: There will be elements of the interface that might remind you of a Rubik’s Cube.
    I'm guessing an android based tab with a custom compiz cube style interface...
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    I guess we'll know on August 15.

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    Quote Originally Posted by j_grouchy View Post
    The tablet shown in their "Lemmings" ad appears to be a smaller tablet, possibly a 7 incher.
    That ad surprises me. The first half is virtually identical to the Apple add that failed miserably during the 80's . That ad failed because people really don't like being told "you're a lemming. Stop following others and follow us".

    In addition, in the new ad, the guy just seemed creepy. Almost like he was a cult leader, inviting to leave your church and come join his cult.
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    I have to say, they've got my attention. I like it when a company comes from out of nowhere with brass stones and says "we've got something different, and we're gonna throw it at you."

    It almost never works, but I admire the brazen attitude. I agree that this is an approach Palm should have taken in '09 (with better dialogue and pacing in the videos).

    Here's hoping it's not another JooJoo.

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