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    To me it looks like Samsung is working hard to remove the unique advantages of the touchstone, but to be honest, they are doing it in typical Android fashion, lots of kludge

    Samsung Galaxy Tab update to bring air-printing, VPNs, windowed apps, and streaming video rentals

    I also love the accessories given at the end of the video, especially the BT keyboard that supports the screen and the clam shell case/keyboard combo.

    I always thought the unattached keyboards of TP and Ipad made no sense if you had to awkwardly lay the screen flat to use them.

    Plus it is thin, with out the sharp edges of the ipad

    Just makes me hope for the day when Samsung licenses webos!
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    Google Cloud print has been available for Google Docs and Android for some time. HP has said that they will adopt it. Google Music and all the other apps have been out for a while as well. Samsung is just bundling them in. The "Windowed Apps" are just widgets.

    The case, pouch, HDTV adapter, dock, and keyboard are from MWC in Feb. The clamshell keyboard/case was shown in May in Korea as a response to the Asus Transformer but is not one of the tablet accessories listed yet.

    LG and Motorola are coming out with inductive charging (Thunderbolt, etc.). I have not seen Samsung show a TouchStone like product. Powermatt, Duracell, and Energizer will not have inductive charging for tablet until September.

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