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    Quote Originally Posted by popologuy View Post
    I said, Good day!!
    No, no. I say GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!

    //edit: holy moly, this thread's moving fast!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crackbone View Post
    Multi-tasking has been proven to be a non issue.
    I don't know if I agree-- if anything, there simply hasn't been a viable alternative for comparison. It may not be so much having multiple apps running at once as much as the fluidity of moving between apps. If these so called rough spots could be ironed out... the sad part is that this wasn't ironed out prior to shipping. But then, I wonder what else they would harp on reviews...
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    Um.. yeah.... <thread moved>
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    Quote Originally Posted by smmullen View Post
    I have been waiting and waiting for word of how well the Touchpad will work, and those reviews from yesterday just about broke my heart. Forgive me sounding like a girl, but I was hoping against hope for a polished device out of the box, but review after review talked about lags, slowdowns, and outright lockups. I have fought with bugs in my Pre+ (although admittedly not as many as my Pre- bretheren have dealt with) and just don't feel like dealing with it anymore. I want a device that works out of the box, not one that needs patches, updates, and all manner of contortions to work. I continue to love my Pre+ and hold out hope that HP will put out a good slab phone (I'm kind of done with hardware keyboards). I'm going to hang onto the Pre+ for as long as I can keep it working. However, it sounds like this version of the TP is not for me. I found a 32 gb version of the iPad2 (black) at BBY today, and bought it.

    It's a shame ... a real shame.

    (cue the apologists)
    Dude if you want to see exceptional lag, just plug your device into iTunes. Just not having to use iTunes is reason enough for me to eventually get a Touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumz View Post
    I bought the first iPad within a month of it's release, and it took several months for the apps I wanted to finally show up. I'm willing to give the TouchPad the same benefit of the doubt.
    What? Are you insane? Since when is it fair to give any other maker of tablets the SAME benefit of the doubt as you gave Apple? Don't you know what Apple is? it is perfection! SAY IT WITH ME!!! PERFECTION!!! You should not even be allowed to THINK about any other device after you've spoken the holy name of Apple. Now we want you to think about the damage this heretical thinking has caused you and how it has disturbed the fabric of time and space, and when you think you can behave, you can come back in to the forums and play. Run along now.

    Sent from my slowly diminishing intellect

    I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!

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