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You forgot one big thing, RIM will again change their estimate due to competition and instead of 900k they would sell only 300k for august and 100k for February.

I don't trust RIM words and btw RIM just said 500k devices were shipped no estimate on how many of them were purchased.
RIM and their ******* will never learn.
If there is more competition and the overall tablet market isn't growing as fast as predicted, then EVERYBODY gets screwed.

All we know is that both RIM and HP --- according to the same Taiwanese press --- are going to sell somewhere near 3 million tablets in 2011. It's not RIM's changing their estimate, it's Taiwanese press rumoring that RIM is changing their estimates.

For all we know, all HP is doing is twisting their famed shelf-space arm to get retailers to stuff the channel for the touchpad. That's a lot more likely than the RIM scenario because RIM's usual channel is the carriers, which ain't selling the Playbook.