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    China's ZTE to Build Tablets in Brazil in August

    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, June 27, 2011

    BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) China's ZTE Corp. says it has reached a deal with local companies to start producing tablet computers in Brazil.

    The announcement comes after ZTE President Hou Weigui met with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia, the nation's capital.

    Hou tells reporters the Chinese company has sealed partnerships with some local manufacturers to start producing the Android tablets in August. They will be sold in Brazil.

    He says ZTE is planning to expand in Brazil, with its own manufacturing plant and possibly the installation of broadband internet networks.

    Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn earlier this year announced it will start production of Apple Inc.'s iPads.
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    damn chinese parts and brazilian work ethic... recipe for disaster -=X
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    Our government gave some tax breaks to manufacture tablets here, and estimate that the price can go until 30% off to consumer!

    Well, today the IPad 2 16GB Wifi (without 3G) cost $ 1,107.00, and the Galaxy S2 begun to sell costing $ 1,257.00...

    Hey, HP! We are here!! Remember us?


    You are forgeting just a detail: the Brazil is one of biggest supplier of raw materials.

    Not only this, the Foxconn confirmed the gonna create a display's factory here, the only out of the orient, investing 20 kk in our country...

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