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    Although the capability to keep apps in an open state is available on iOS, it's up to the developer to execute this function when they write the app. The problem is most apps for iOS are NOT meant to function in a live state unless the developer rewrites it to do so. This is especially true for optimized apps working on the iPad.

    Now if HP would just allow for the Wave Bar and full swipe between apps on the TP, I would be MORE than satisfied with webOS 3.0. over any OS capable of multitasking.
    I thought they demoed the full swipe on the Touchpad with the latest commercial featuring the Philippino boxer dude. So I'm pretty sure the full swipe is present in some work. Dunno though, I'll have to try it out in person.
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    I use both as well, but multitasking on iOS is only adequate for people who don't really multitask. Switching between apps is not multitasking.
    I do like the fact that webOS is a lot more like using a general web browser. I generally open everything in a new tab so that I don't have to hit the back button. I haven't used iOS, but I assume that if you click a google map link, it exits/suspends the web browser/yelp/whatever app and then opens up the google maps app. I like the fact that it just opens in a new card and I can keep doing whatever while it loads/am not as interrupted.
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