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    Hi all,

    The last sentence sums this up completely:
    The bottom line: Google's simple, inexpensive Chromebook showcases cloud computing—but may be too stripped-down, and late, to go mainstream.

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    And Now, Google's Other Operating System
    The long-delayed Chrome-powered netbooks hit stores on June 15

    By Ashlee Vance

    And Now, Google's Other Operating System - BusinessWeek

    Google's (GOOG) executives have long enjoyed ribbing Microsoft (MSFT) as bloated, slow, and out of touch with computer trends. So there must be a few smirks at Microsoft's headquarters: Google's first, long-delayed Chromebooks are about to arrive in a world that's moved on without them.

    Google laid out its Chromebook vision two years ago: a new type of laptop that revolved around the Web. It would run on a stripped-down operating system known as Chrome—imagine a Web browser that isn't on your computer's desktop, it is your computer's desktop. Chromebooks would turn on in seconds and would let users flit around the Web and store things such as photos and documents via Flickr, Dropbox, and other online services. The idea was to wean people away from storing files directly on their computers and managing files and applications on the desktop screen so familiar to anyone who's used a PC or a Mac. The cloud had arrived and deserved its own computer.

    The initial batch of Chromebooks, which are shipping on June 15, lives up to that vision. These machines start up fast (eight seconds). Once people log in with their Google credentials—the same used for Gmail—they arrive at a home page on the Chrome Web browser and off they go. That's the gist of the Chromebook experience.
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    I don't know how well ChromeBooks will do now, but I think had they been released when netbooks were very popular, they would have sold really well. The ChromeBook is what the netbook should have been, just a browser & nothing else.

    I was fortunate enough to be in the Pilot program for the Cr-48, and I love it. I use it way more than I thought I would. It's light, has great battery life (8hrs), it boots up in seconds and returns from standby almost instantly. It's a great laptop for people that live on the web.

    The only thing I don't like about the new ChromeBooks is the price point. $500 is hard to justify for a laptop which basically runs a browser. You can get a standard laptop for that amount which can run desktop applications as well. At that price point I think most people will either just get laptop or a tablet. If it were priced in the $200 - $300 range, I think it would sell extremely well.
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    Hi all,

    I have to agree, now that I see the tech specs of the them... they are a lot of money for very little computer...I realize they are basically working a striped down browser, but still the HD's are extremely small on today's standards...and the prices are much to much money, considering this was supposed to a way of not giving so much money to MS for MS charges too much for Windows as it is.

    You can get a win Netbook or notebook for less. You also can get a pad for about the same or less....

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    Samsung, Acer Google Chromebooks Now Available for Pre-Order
    By Chloe Albanesius

    Samsung, Acer Google Chromebooks Now Available for Pre-Order | News & Opinion |

    Google Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung are now available for pre-order via Amazon and Best Buy.

    "Nothing but the web: Samsung & Acer #Chromebooks now available for pre-order from @Amazon and @BestBuy in the US," Google tweeted yesterday.

    Neither site mentions an exact ship date, except to say the devices are "coming soon," but Google said during its recent press event that the Chromebooks would be available starting June 15.

    Amazon has 3G and Wi-Fi devices from Samsung and Acer, while Best Buy is stocking both Samsung Chromebooks. All are available in or white or a black-silver color.

    The 3G Acer Cromia is selling for $449.99, while the Wi-Fi version will set you back $379.99. It includes an 11.6-inch HD display, a 16GB hard drive, 1.66-GHz processor, 64MB of RAM, two USB ports, and about six hours of battery life.
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    Honestly, the price point is the killer for me. For that price, I can buy a netbook or even a low-end laptop with more features than the Chromebook. Even low-end laptops come with HDMI-out now. Plus, I already have a lot of games on my Windows laptop that I would want to take with me to a new laptop/netbook/chromebook.

    I suspect many people will say the same thing.

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    Yeah, price really needs to come down if they expect to sell. Netbook market is very competitive, and price is a huge driving factor. I don't think the Chrome OS experience they are selling is enough to move the product off the shelves. Too much of an unknown for most people. Plus you can always run the Chrome browser and sign in to Google Apps from a standard netbook, so I think it's a very tough sell at that price point.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Too little, too late

    With Android, iOS and WebOS tablets being launched, ChromeOS just isn't as impressive as it once was. Also the fact that it's hardware can run Windows just fine, I see little reason for them to take off.

    I was pushing a Chromebook to my grandmother, but recently she's been having her music imported into iTunes and her music throughout the house will be iTunes controlled.

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