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FYI & it makes me wonder what Citibank would say or has said about the TouchPad. Please see the link for the balance of the article...

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Microsoft Not Too Late for Tablet Party: Citigroup

By REUTERS, May 27, 2011, (Reporting by Unnikrishnan Nair and Rachana Khanzode in Bangalore; Editing by Joyjeet Das)


(Reuters) - Microsoft is still not too late for the tablet party. And with its Next operating system closer than most expect, the software maker could corner meaningful market share in 2013 and beyond, Citigroup said.

Microsoft could bring out a tablet-optimized version of Windows Next OS before it releases a PC version, the brokerage said in a note to clients.

Citigroup analysts expect the beta version of the operating system by September and shipping to start between January 2012 and March 2013.

However, Citigroup was not convinced the product will be a raving success, adding that the overwhelming investor sentiment is Windows Next will not improve Microsoft's position in the consumer devices market.