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    So after many months of using the iPad I have discovered every flaw of modern tablets I .will probably be able to notice. I have decided on fitting my iPad to one of my brothers and using next semesters finiad refund for something else. The iPad is great for many things but iOS hasn't impressed me in a long time... I'd be surprised if iOS 5 was able to. Things I like about the touchpad are the new ui, multitasking, messaging synergy, photo synergy and notifications. I also am much more fond of webos PIM functions then any other modern os. Problem with touchpad is apps, lack there of, and lack of substantial interest in developing. No Netflix, no EA, SQUARE ENIX, and so many other awesome game developers as well as no real interest in major app venders for apps like page once, webmd, dropbox, eye-fi, shazaam, and many more. Then I thought, if all hp windows pc's will have webos, what if a windows 8 tablet were to come out next year, would that have webos and windows 8. That would be a dream since windows 8 will have arm support and would be very possible.... Another major thing webos lacks is browsi g features. No password saves, no uploading files, pictures ECT, no browser support for major secure sites, no favorites organization, no private browsing, no tabs option (some people. Want it as it's quicker them zooming out and deciding which card is the site you need) browsing needs to be great.

    So thoughts on windows 8, webos and touchpad? Maybe a windows 8 tablet would be Better regardless of it having webos?
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    True. In reality, I could probably get the touchpad, and have it a year before a good windows 8 tablet even hits market. So I guess I can think of doing that. I also can see what iOS brings, this will be the fifth rendition so maybe they will blow me away, though I really have my eyes on the touchpad, I just need to see how the app situation unfolds before I purchase.
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    i believe that the only devices that will have webOS on it are the ones that are manufactured by HP. so unless HP decides to make a windows 8 tablet, i dont think this is going to happen.
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    so what are the flaws of the ipad for you?
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    2011 or 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by spare View Post
    so what are the flaws of the ipad for you?
    This is a very good question, however, to properly answer I need to explain 3 things.

    What tablets need: this is a somewhat subjective but fairly good concisses of what a tablet needs as defined but what it's usage is for, light-moderate media consumption, web browsing, and PIM functions.

    Subjective additions: features which aren't really important to the tablet experience but seem like they would be cool

    Market: the market segment this or any tablet is aimed at

    Now that that's been taken care of let me say first that the iPad takes the tablet into a new era. Tablets have been out for many years but this is the first attempt that has really caught public eye. I am glad apple did this, because apple seems to be a great door opener. Not everyone opens a door for a major revolution. They did It with iPods, then with iPhones, now with iPads. The iPads existence will lead to much greater portable computing.

    What does it do right? Well while I prefer the user experience webos 3.0 will have, it does have a rather simple interface, great medal consumption via music and videos. It has DLNA support so we can actually stream and watch or digital copies of movies, many many apps and games, and it has a pretty good browser which has the most features of all mobile browsers however, this is where the problem starts.

    My question is where does the mobile os end and a tablet os begin? How similar should they be?

    Well with iOS, here are basic functions I cannot do that I would like to do and should be able to do from something I want to do most of my web browsing from

    - uploading: there is no file photo or media access in the browser thus I am unable to upload pictures to facebook, files to blackboard, and any other normal uploading you would want to do.. This is important as a student, and I'm sure it would be to many others

    - downloads: so if I go to blackboard for student files, I have no way of downloading files, images or videos... This is important as well as many people rely on these things...

    - other: private browsing is not really important but a much wanted option from many members along with the option to have tabs.

    As far as media goes, the experience might visually change, but features don't. I should be able to...

    - manage albums: keeping photos in certain albums and moving them around is important. Maybe I download a picture from email or something and I don't want it in saved photos. I should be able to manage where my photos are. I also should be able to sub organize photos. iTunes should recognize the folder structures you have on your computer so if I have a file called 2007, it will also show folders inside that as well as loose images. My windows phone does this so there is no mobile restriction to doing this, it's simply not done.

    - rotating images

    - upload images and videos via their apps to facebook

    When it comes to PIM the iPad doesn't really improve or offer much.

    - calendar needs multiple calendar sync and subscribed calendar sync. Current calendar literally just syncs your gmail ECT accounts but no calendars within it.

    - more customization of appointments: I shouldn't have to go to a website to manage my calendars when I have a calendar app I need to swt up custom reoccurring events with start and end times and iOS does not offer this. I can do daily, weekly, monthly bi weekly or yearly. I can do every day on this day but if I want something every Monday Tuesday or Wednesday and what that event to end the 25 of June, I can't do this on iOS.

    - native tasks

    - better synergy of calendars, contacts and email (allow you to pcik and edit the source)

    For some apps the background system they or apple uses just does not give the experience you want. I cannot sign into aim and get ims after I turn the screen of and wonder off to work. Sometimes it will send me an I'm if the screen is off, but there is a time it stops. Also the app has to be in the foreground. I also can not switch to another app as I will likely not get the I'm until I switch back. There may be other I'm apps that work like this but so far I think integrating messaging into the system worked perfectly on webos and since messaging is a big thing on computers, especially for students and business professionals, I think they need either better api's or an integrated solution like webos.

    Notifications.... I play a game a pop up interiors me.. Watching a movie.. A pop up interiors me... I don't want an annoying pop up I want something none annoying and a place to check it later.

    Some sort of access to outside devices. For instance, a way to transfer camera and phone photos, sync with my iPod/mp3 player. This may seem far fetched, but it shouldn't be. A tablet should be a transitional device to a computer, where computers are for major creation, editing, and hardcore gaming as well as major office work, and tablets handle most other computing matters.

    In a nutshell the major problem with iOS is they don't stray far enough from the mobile version to meet expectations of what tablets are for. PIM and web browsing. It does have the best experience thus far in tablets.

    Now why a tablet over a netbook?

    - portability is still better because it's thinner and lighter
    - battery life is astonishing and has never died on me at any point.
    - general simplicity is better because I can easily zoom, navigate to an app, or check something and then click off and it's off. No searching for small pointers on a smaller screen no navigating that small mouse pointer on a small screen to a small zoom button and logging back in is not as instantaneous as a tablet optimized os. Also you can walk around school pull out your tab, check something, then put it back, not have to stop, find a desk or chair really quick.
    - fun experiences. It's not important but it's cool being able to play games and use an accelerometer ECT.
    - app stores. Windows has no app store, well it kinda does, but nothing like what tablet owes offer. These stores allow for no external storage to access apps. No rushing out to buy programs.
    - reading. Reading is a pleasure
    - much quicker Netflix access then my computer seems to offer
    - durability.. In a case I'm pretty sure I could drop this iPad with no worries... With a computer I would worry. There's lots of moving parts in net books and laptops while everything in an iPad is tightly cramed. This is untested though, and I'm not about to test it

    So that's your answer, probably a WAY longer one than you hoped for but hey, hopefully I answered other questions many people don't understand why a tablet over a netbook or laptop and I answered that too
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    Dont know yet, cant tell until I actually use Windows 8 on a tablet. But I can see it surpassing most of the mobile OSes just simply because they basically boil down to phone oses and not fully fledged computers. But I will take a wait and see attitude until then.
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    You should watch this video:
    Previewing €˜Windows 8€™: Article by Julie Larson-Green, corporate vice president, Windows Experience.

    EDIT: Windows 8 will be a web os.

    EDIT2: Saw there is already a thread here about that.. Sorry
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    If M$ is going to a webOS, I think HP might dump it for THE webOS. Check out this article:

    Does anyone need Windows 8? Their assessment is pretty good in my opinion. HP and M$ are approaching the problem from opposite ends: where HP wants to bring a mobile OS to the PC, Windows wants to bring a PC OS to mobile. Which strategy will succeed? Well, if the iPad is any indication, people are leaving the PC experience for mobile. Why would HP want Windows 8 when they have webOS?

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    I do not like fullscreen apps on a desktop pc unless its a game or a video. I do not need a full screen RSS reader or we browser when I have a mouse and keyboard.

    They should just come out and call 8 Windows tablet because this is not a UI for a desktop.
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    MS demoed a touch based Layer over traditional Windows. Yes the layer looked nice, but as far as capabilities, its more-or-less webOS1.0 running on PC hardware. It will suffice for web apps and widgets, but when it comes to power and productivity applications, you'll be reverted back to the standard windows UI we've been using for the last few decades.

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