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    Just a heads up and one mans opinion....

    I tried to switch to the LG VX9800 on Verizon. The phone IMHO sucks. I used it for a few days and it's going back to the store. No where near as functional as my beloved Treo 650. For those of you who might be bored with your 650 and want to try something else. Good luck!

    VX9800 Dislikes
    1) Fonts are way to small.
    2) Menu navigation is awkward.
    3) V-Cast is ammusing for..oh 20 minutes or so.
    4) keypad feels cheap.
    5) IM apps use txt msg'ing
    6) poor sound quality

    VX9800 Likes
    1) candybar/clamshell design
    2) decent size screen
    3) cool factor
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    The design of the phone wasnt to replace the 650. Just a smaller form factor and more simple solution for email. I doesnt have full sync capability, just email, no tasks or calender sync. Not trying to step on your toes, just saying its not a competitor.
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    Oh, I agree

    I just wanted to give a quick review.

    I wanted to get rid of my 650 on ebay before the 700 comes out and there's a flood of people trying to get rid of there 650's on ebay. I thought maybe I could get by using the 9800 for a month or two until the 700 hit verizon.. no chance!
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    LG now has a PalmOS license. I would expect to see a version of the VX9800 running PalmOS in 6 to 12 month's time.
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    I have a chance to replace my Samsung a950 with a 9800 or as it is now known the V, and I am not sure what to do. I have a 650 and I am going to keep it, the 9800 would just be my primary phone for calls and what not. I like the keypad for texting, I use my 650 so much through out the day right now that the battery doesn't make it all day for me. I also like the speaker phone. I just want to see if anyone has any opinions.

    Thanks gang!

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