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    I bought my girlfriend an Audiovox SMT 5600 and have been having trouble getting good information about it and Windows Mobile 2003SE (die microsoft!).

    Does anyone know of some good sites on the SMT 5600 / SPV 500 or whatever other names it goes under? I'm looking to know all of the little features of the device, so I can "administrate it" as well as I can the Treo smartphone.


    PS: I found this site but it seem to be functionally dead & pay only:
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    lb thats the best avatar yet,,,,,,, is that family scoring you after a makeover?

    I liked the mystery girl avatar with the blurred edges, reminded me of an Enya picture. The avatar with the symbols and construction vehicles reminded me of a picture at my daughters school. The closer up on was nice also, we could finally get a good look at ya
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    Thanks, that was taken last weekend at Put-In-Bay. The four (drinkers) in the window were rating people as they walked by. I am showing off my perfect '10'. It was funny! I bet they had a blast.

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