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    The Cingular 8125 is attractive no doubt. But the Palm OS Cingular 8215 would be a valid Treo killer. Why do they waste so much size when they can compact this unit?. The key to a better smartfone is larger display, smaller form factor and ergonomic data entry. Execute these and they win the market with an 8215. 8125 is too much wasted frontal area.

    All MHO of course.
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    Patrick Horne
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    so whats the diff between the 2 other than physical differences?
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    Physical is the only diff. The portability would be a huge improvement to an otherwise loaded (specwise) device. Palm OS too.
    Patrick Horne
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    That 8215 looks NICE.
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    it showed up on today with cingular as the carrier

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