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    About a year ago I became a Palm user, the Treo 600 being my first experience with PDAs. I was thrilled, as I'm sure you all were; hey, remember your "first time." As a 1-year user, I've been blessed with ZERO hardware issues with my 600 (until recently - the dreaded can-only talk-with-a-headset-plugged-in problem).

    Still, I could not ignore the threads reporting problems with the 600, and particularly people's overall frustration with Palm Inc. Even the 650 did not turn out to be the panacea that many diehard users thought it would be. As a newbie, I could easily ignore these issues. I was in love with my baby, and still do have very fond feelings towards it.

    A year later, I'm ready to move up the scale of PDA maturity. Since I'm new to the PDA experience, I do not have a particular loyalty to any platform. I must confess that my next device probably will not be the 650, nor any Palm-related device. There are more than enough gripe posts about Palm et. al.; I'll just say that I do not believe the future looks bright for our hero.

    So, the point of this post. Also a year ago, I began reading with interest the posts of farzonalmaneih, nguyen23464, and especially HobbesIsReal about their experiences with Windows-OS, HTC-manufactured PDAs. I have recently reread their comments. I would love to hear from them, from any of you, who got HTC devices one year ago. How is the love affair going? What lessons have you learned, that should be passed on to us padiwahs? If you've moved on to other devices, which ones and why. And your opinions on how a potential convert should migrate to "the dark side".

    I'm on T-Mobile; out-of-contract, $39.99, 1000 anytime mins, free nt/wkd; use the Treo mainly for phone, contact and schedule management, MP3 player; games not important; use the proxy for low-cost Internet access. Must have a convergence device - I don't want to go back to carrying two or more hardware.
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    To be honest with you, the PDA2k was a good device at it's time, but many of us have moved on. The Wizard and Universal are better choices these days.
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    l already moved on...

    treo 600 (1 year) to ppc 6600 (4 months) to treo 650 and I have not regretted going back to the treo.

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    If you don't want to spend $700-800 on your next device the PDA2k is one of your best options for a device with a keyboard. take a look at the various reviews of the device, then look at some of the problems users post about. you will then have a pretty good idea of what to expect...a better record that the Treo 650 on regard to reliability, for sure.

    I owned the Jam with the 128mb RAM upgrade (also one without it), a MDA III and SX66 and I now have a Qtek 9100. Until getting the 9100, the Jam was my favourite because of its size...but the PDA2k keyboard was nice to have as well...
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    This time last year, I was really excited about upgrading from my 600 to the 650. Then when I saw the confirmed specs for the 650, I proved unfaithful and my eyes started wondering. This is when I found the PPC-6600. In fact due to personal contacts I had one shipped even before it was officially available.

    You can review my original review of it compared to the Treo here:

    Using 6601 On the Road for Week.....

    Review of the PPC-6600

    Innocent 650 vs 6601 Business Trip Showdown

    When reviewing these old threads, it is important to note that nearly all of the problems expressed for both the 650 and the 6600 have been addressed with updates from the manufacturers.

    I have said this several times over....I absolutely loved my Treo 600, and will always have a soft spot for the Treo. I am one who usually upgrades my phone every 8-10 months. I have had the 6600 for just shy of a year now, and I am planning on waiting until next Spring to upgrade again ( that will be 16 months with the same phone...a personal record!). And that fact alone should say A LOT of how much I have really and sincerely appreciated all that the the 6600 can do. Even after a year, I am still impressed with it, which is something I do not say lightly and said without any loyality to any OS or manfacturer.

    With that said, if you are currently looking to buy right now, you have several options. There is the Wizard, i-730, the K-Jam, the PPC-6700 (go over to PDAphoneHome to browse a good forum on this phone for detailed info and reviews from users), and the upcoming Universal (the one that at the moment has stolen my eye...see information on this HERE ).

    Since these are all the latest generation, they are also most expensive...$600 plus. So, if price is a concern, this is where I would still reccomend the PPC-6600 as it can still respectfully hold it's own while being a lot cheaper with internet sales and auctions since the last round of PPC phones have been released.

    Just a couple things to be aware of when buying a PPC-6600 now, is that Sprint has yet to release an update to unlock the EVDO in the phone (but VZ has the EVDO) and it is running WM2003 and will not be upgraded to WM2005. Other than that, I still love mine!
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