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    It time (way past time, actually) to replace my antique Vx. I'm balanced between it and an Axim. I'd appreciate input from anyone familiar with the T|X, and the tradeoffs between having a separate PDA and phone vs having only a smartphone; the 1-gadget option is the current PPC 6700 (HTC Apache) or a POS Treo with EVDO when it's arrives.

    Assuming POS is not dead but is being moved onto a Linux kernel, I would lean toward a future POS Treo, keeping the PDA for uses where I want the larger screen. <then again, I could lug an HTC Universal around, which in theory outperforms both>. I'll pass on the current 650 due to lack of EVDO.
    How difficult will it be to synch data between the Axim and a POS Treo?

    My PDA usage will be email (until I get a treo-like device), video clips, e-books, and PIM apps. Cost differences of <100 are not significant. Priorities are reliability, well thought out user experience, a sharp screen, carries in a pocket like the Vx, and ability to run a range of apps. A vibrating alarm is significant for me. T|X lacks vibrate, I don't know if other PDAs still have it.

    Considering how well the Vx worked I'm inclined to stay with Palm OS... except that everything I've read here indicates that POS now has MS-like issues. The Vx was remarkable for letting me get work done without constant RTM, fiddling or backup headaches. Once, I had to hard reset the Vx due to digitzer drift. With NO headache on my part it restored all of my apps and data which then worked exactly as before. Now that's an example of 'do the right thing'.
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    Hi, I guess I'm the best person to ask since I actually own both a x50v and a Treo 650.

    Anyway, the "MS-like issues" in palmos you are referring to are a bit overstated. You first need to figure out what you want to use the device for? The Axim is great for multimedia and gaming. You can sync both to outlook to keep your PIM synced.

    Also, which version are you planing on getting? The low, mid or high end? Do you want to get the x51? How much money do you want to spend? If you really want to stick with palmos, then I would strenuoulsy recommend you get the new Palm Tx which is a much better deal than the comparble priced Axim x51 imo (dual wireless, HVGA screenie etc with classic M series like form factor).
    Teh Tx would be fine for email via wifi and great for gaming (large screen), ebooks etc. If your main focus is email and not phone functionality, than perhaps a Tx is for you. If you want a convergence device, than go for a treo 650 imo which is a very mature and fine device by now with most of the bugs cleared out...

    Also, I posted my opinion comparing the Tx to comparable Axim below:
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    A friend of mine purchased a Tx. The WiFi works great and it is without doubt the best PDA Palm has put out. I just wish they would take the WiFi stuff in the Tx and put it in the Treo!
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    Primary usage: PIM, preferably with vibrating alarm, to play video clips where I need to see some detail, and for using otherwise dead time to read manuals, ebooks, email. If I go for an Axim I'd get the upper model w vga screen.
    Cost: deciding between 250 and 400 range
    250 - "get something now and replace with a smartphone later"
    or 400+ - "PDAs are mature now, get one to keep and also a smartphone later"

    How do you like your x50v? If you could keep either T|X or x50v which one stays?

    Do you believe there will be a Treo700P? Treo on Sprint with EVDO + 64mb sounds good, if POS has a future (such as on a linux kernel) I would prefer it.

    --- thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCrackBerry
    Do you believe there will be a Treo700P?
    The 700W naming scheme hints at it, but Colligan's comments and press release virtually guaarantee it. When, now that's another story.
    Patrick Horne

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