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    for all you Tre650 owners, you are NEVER going to be happy with a lower resolution screen than you have. that's why the 67xx will never do it for you. let's hope the 69xx will have higher resolution.
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    Hey, it was free so I can't complain. I'l get the 6715 based on my pleasant expereince with the 6515. And when another phone comes out I think is better and serves my needs I will get that one.
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    The resolution works fine for me. What are you trying to view that you claim the resolution is better on the Treo? Why bash something if it works for someone else? I simply prefer the 6515 over the Treo because of the poor outcome from the CIngular update. The phone was free, I like the features, it is just as fast as Treo and does true multi-tasking. I will get the 6715, a Q, a Treo 700, 750 or whatever when it becomes available. I don't constantly wait for the next best thing because there always will be a next best thing. I use what works for me now and get something better later. What's wrong with that?
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    Oh, and I still have a 650 in case I want to use it...
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    The only thing it does not have according to the review is an SD slot, only a mini. That may or may not be a big deal but I do like having two slots for lots of added memory. WiFi is really not a huge deal for me right now as I usually have my computer with me when I need to access that feature. Perhaps in the future as I see the need to have WiFi on the phone it will beome primary. Of course, by then it will probably be standard...muchg like the fiber that just got installed at my house today. DSL and Cable modems are such old technology...:-)
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